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LJT02 sensor dustbin, made of high quality and long-lasting ABS material that is both healthy and environmentally friendly. Simple design with three switching modes, infrared waving induction, touch switch, and one-touch switch, can be used in a variety of settings such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and so on. Give your life a more convenient and comfortable experience.

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The LJT02 smart sensor trash can is made of high-quality, long-lasting ABS material that is both healthy and environmentally friendly. Simple design with three switching modes, infrared waving induction, touch switch, and one-touch switch, that can be used in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and many other places. Bring more convenience and comfort into your life. This sensor trash can not only comes in white, blue, and pink, but also in 14L and 16L capacity sizes. The lid can be quickly opened by waving your hand for 0.3 seconds, and double-clicking to open the normally open mode, which can easily handle a variety of situations.The tight-fitting switch design effectively blocks odors and prevents the spread of harmful bacteria caused by garbage odor. Improve your quality of life by creating a healthy and comfortable environment for you.


Intelligent sensing - this automatic garbage can has three sensing methods: waving sensing (a light wave above the lid for 0.3 seconds to quickly open the lid); knee sensing (when the knee is close to the lid, it will open instantly); and double clicking to open the normally open mode.
Silent Opening and Closing - This motion sensor bin not only provides you with a convenient and high-tech life, but it also provides you with a more intimate design, that is, opening and closing the lid without making any noise, providing you with a quiet life.
Large diameter design - This motion sensor garbage can has a large diameter, a large capacity of 14 and 16 liters, and a double-click always-on mode for easy tilting and dumping, allowing you to throw out multiple handfuls of trash and easily dispose of all types of trash.
Waterproof Design - This plastic trash can with sensor lid is made of high quality ABS+PP material, which effectively prevents moisture from damaging the sensor element and can be flushed and cleaned as a whole, making cleaning the trash can easier.


Our sensor trash can is perfect for those who want to make their life a little easier. The intelligent sensor Trash Can lid will automatically open when your hand is within 6-30 cm of the sensor area and will close automatically after 5 seconds. Whether you're in the office, the kitchen, the bedroom, or the bathroom, this Trash Can is both beautiful and practical.


Model LJT02
Capacity 14L ,16L (3.7 gallons ,4.0 gallons)
Color White/Blue/Pink
Material ABS+PP
Versions Battery version / Rechargeable version




Type Induction Type
Logo Customized Logo Acceptable




Battery Capacity






Gross weight

850g ,920g

Package Size







Kitchen Bathroom Office Hotel Hospital


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